Kenosha, Milwaukee! FREE, Indoor, Outdoor, Family Fun! Civil War Museum, Community Picnic, Event!

Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI, Announces: FREE, community event, Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the end of the, Civil War. 8th annual Salute To Freedom, 1865 Homeward Bound, Saturday June 13, 2015; 10am-4pm. Indoor, outdoor, family fun! Music, artillery demos, Infantry encampment, presentations, games, crafts, pie sale, Hattie's War, book signing, Exhibition Baseball, picnic, Kenosha Pops concert.

The Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI, is one of three Kenosha Public Museums, known for their scenic locations, exceptional exhibits, and fun community and family events.  Once again, these popular, Wisconsin Tourist Attractions have a great summer line up of exhibits and events for the whole family!

Just one of the many upcoming family friendly, summer activities, being held on the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline campus is; “A Salute to Freedom – 1865 Homeward Bound” a full day of FREE, family, indoor, outdoor activities, celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the end of the American Civil War.  This year is the 8th Annual installment of this popular event, and is the perfect way to start off your summer with a bang!

Plan to spend your day with the Kenosha Public Museums, Saturday June 13, 2015; 10am-4pm for a fun, family, day of encampments, living history programs, demonstrations, performances, games, food, music, and more, to celebrate all soldiers’ returning home from war.

Event Times: 

Outside Activities: 10am-4pm:

·        Music by the Regimental Volunteer Band, playing authentic musical arrangements on original period instruments

·        Artillery demos by Cushing’s Battery

·        bugle demos

·        Union Infantry encampment and demos

·        “Fill the Wagon” donation drive to benefit Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

 Indoor Activities:

·        10am-4pm: Soldier’s Fair, games, crafts, pie sale, storytelling.

·        11am:  Eagle and Friends program presented by the Schlitz Audubon Society

·        Noon: Welcome Home Celebration for the troops with marching, music, and patriotic speeches.


·        1pmHattie’s War program and book signing with authors Hilda and Emily Demuth.  The historical novel is about an eleven year old girl, living in Milwaukee near the end of the American Civil War, who is more interested in baseball than in sewing circles, until her friend enlists in the Thirty-nnth Wisconsin, and her mother becomes involved in the Soldiers’ Home Society.  Hattie learns to make sacrifices and work with others due to the enormous cost of the ongoing war.


·        2pm: Baseball Exhibition match between the Milwaukee Cream City’s Base Ball Club, and the Chicago Salmon. After the game, take fielding and batting practice with the Cream City’s!

·        4pm:  Kenosha Pops concert

·        2pm-4pm: Community picnic and games

The Kenosha Public Museum, and Civil War Museum, share a campus along the beautiful, scenic shoreline of Lake Michigan, with the Dinosaur Discovery Museum a short and delightful, electric streetcar ride away.  All three Museums invite educational institutions, scouts, organizations, and groups of all kinds, to consider the Museum’s as an excellent opportunity for the ideal field trip experience.  Just 25 minutes from Milwaukee, and 55 minutes from Chicago, the Kenosha Public Museums are the perfect destination for a day or field trip.  With or without tour guides, visitors of all ages enjoy this fun, and, yes, informational day out!


Civil War Museum

5400 1st Ave. 

Kenosha, WI 53140 


Check out our FaceBook and YouTube pages.  Civil War Museum YouTube Video: Historical 360° Movie Experience, “Seeing The Elephant” 


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